Alphasac Mailing Bags

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From retail goods to clothing ranges to catalogues or magazines, bpi.packaging can supply you with the perfect mailing solution.

Our high performance Alphasac range of specialist polythene mailing bags and sacks offers excellent protection to goods in transit, benefitting as it does from excellent puncture and tear resistant properties. 

Alphasac polythene mailing bags are manufactured with a black inner polythene film layer in order to protect the bag contents from the harmful effects of sunlight.   This additional film layer of polythene also ensures maximum strength in the mailing bag. 

The Alphasac mailing bag and sack range also offers an environmentally friendlier option as it is manufactured using recycled polythene.

Item Code DescriptionSize (mm)Pack Qty1 or 2 packs (£)3 or 4 packs (£)5-10 packs (£)  
ALPHA01 Grey/Black Co ex50250 x 300 + 40mm lip1000 POA POA POA
ALPHA02 Grey/Black Co Ex50300 x 350 + 40mm lip1000 POA POA POA
ALPHA03 Grey/Black Co Ex50350 x 400 + 40mm lip500 POA POA POA
ALPHA04 Grey/Black Co Ex55400 x 525 + 40mm lip500 POA POA POA
ALPHA05 Grey/Black Co Ex60510 x 600 + 40mm lip200 POA POA POA
ALPHA06 Grey/Black Co Ex60600 x 700 + 40mm lip200 POA POA POA
ALPHA07 Grey/Black Co Ex60700 x 800 + 40mm lip150 POA POA POA
ALPHA08 Grey/Black Co Ex45830 x 900 + 60mm lip150 POA POA POA

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