Bubble Wrap

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To protect items in transit and in storage, bpi.packaging offers a variety of bubble wrap products which help to protect goods in transit from moisture, dust and other contaminates. Our tear resistant bubble wrap also provides a degree of insulation against both cold and heat. Durable but lightweight, our bubble wrap is an ideal choice for protecting goods of a variety of shapes and sizes.

Our standard stock range contains small bubble and large bubble options; however a wider range of sizes is available on request. The small bubble option has bubbles of approximately 10mm diameter by 3mm high and is used for most general packaging. The large bubble dimensions are approximately 20mm diameter and 7mm high and this product is ideal for filling larger spaces or protecting larger items.

Item Code DescriptionSize (mm x m)Per roll (£)  
BWRAP01 Small bubble1200 x 100 POA
BWRAP02 Small bubble1500 x 100 POA
BWRAP03 Large bubble1500 x 45 POA

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