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As its name suggests Pharmasac is a quality assured sack developed specifically for hygiene critical internal transfer applications. Pharmasac will protect products from contamination in storage or transit.

Manufactured by BPI to exacting standards using polymers that meet both EEC and FDA requirements the Pharmasac range can be manufactured to bespoke customer requirements and, depending on a sufficient order quantity, it can be produced in the following formats:

  • Anti-Static
    Anti-static additives can be added during production to reduce the levels of electricity and spark present in the filled sack to reduce the risk of explosion. This additive also ensures that materials do not stick to the surface of the sack.
  • High Slip
    The Pharmasac range can be manufactured to a high slip level. This ensures a smoother surface which will allow the contents to be easily and quickly released from the sack.
  • Additive Free
    This reduces the risk of a chemical reaction if volatile substances are being packed within the sack.

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