Stretch Wrap

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bpi.packaging offers an innovative range of pallet stretchfilms for both hand and machine applications. These advanced stretchwrap products offer load stability and product protection during both storage and transit in addition to an improved pallet presentation.

Available in a variety of thicknesses, lengths and widths, our stretchwrap films offer excellent strength and durability, impressive ease of use and consistency in application.

Hand Films

Our hand stretchwrap films give you the flexibility to wrap palletised loads wherever and whenever you need to. These films also offer excellent puncture resistance and tack characteristics and can be supplied on either regular or extended cores depending on your preference.

Machine Films - Cast

Whether you're looking for outstanding pallet presentation, a quieter working environment or high performance and cost effectiveness, our range of machine cast films can meet your needs. As well as benchmark levels of cling, these films have the ability to stretch up to an impressive 300% and also offer exceptional clarity, which is particularly important where there is a need to view the product or scan barcodes through the wrap.

Machine Films - Blown

Produced using the blown manufacturing process, this range delivers excellent strength and ease of application. As well as the ability to stretch to up to 250%, our blown range benefits from a high tack outer face and a low tack inner face to take maximum advantage of the differential tack. High slip versions are also available to help eliminate interpallet adhesion.

Item Code DescriptionSize (W x L)Pallet Qty6 (per roll) (£)30 (per roll) (£)60 (per roll) (£)240 (per roll) (£)  
STRE01 Clear Standard20400mm x 300m6 POA POA POA POA
STRE02 Clear Standard17400mm x 250m6 POA POA POA POA
STRE03 Black Security25500mm x 250m6 POA POA POA POA
STRE04 Blue Extended Core20400mm x 300m6 POA POA POA POA

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