Plastic Document Covers

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To protect and secure all sizes and types of documentation, bpi.packaging sells a complete range of plastic wallet covers. These plastic wallet covers are produced using heavy duty polythene (175mμ or 212mμ) to ensure items remain intact during storage and transportation.

In addition to the standard clear plastic wallet covers, our A4 range is also available to order in red, green, blue and gold. This allows for colour coding during storage, for example, to ensure items can be easily and quickly identified.

Item Code DescriptionSizeCarton QtyColourPrice per box (£)  
WAL01 227 x 176175A5500Clear POA
WAL02 227 x 316175A4250Clear POA
WAL03 316 x 437212A3100Clear POA
WAL04 456 X 659212A2100Clear POA
WAL05 621 X 875212A150Clear POA
WAL06 227 x 316175A4250Red POA
WAL07 227 x 316175A4250Green POA
WAL08 227 x 316175A4250Blue POA
WAL09 227 x 316175A4250Gold POA

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